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Black Friday 2019: preparation plan for websites

Is your website ready for Black Friday? If not, then you should hurry, because there is very little time left. Crazy promos, discounts and an influx of site visitors are no worse than on New Year's Eve... Are you sure you are ready for this? Read our tips for websites to adequately meet Black Friday 2019.

Top Black Friday Products

First, let's determine what products are most in demand on Black Friday? Traditionally, these are shoes and clothes, household appliances, household products, toys, cosmetics. Typically, all these products have a short purchase cycle: come, see, buy. Categories such as furniture, jewelry, cars, etc. not so popular on Black Friday, but still if you think about the right sales strategy, then with this group of products you can achieve success.

Form a goal

It is very important at the threshold to determine why you need to participate in this "race for the buyer"? What is the ultimate goal? Both the strategy and the result really depend on this. For example, if you want to sell off the rest of the products, then reduce prices to the maximum, if the main goal is to return your previous customers, organize an e-mail newsletter with a cool offer, use all possible channels to attract customers to increase traffic to the site, etc.

Identify your target audience

Чтобы правильно сформировать задачи, нужно определить, для кого Вы собираетесь устраивать Вашу черную пятницу? Составьте уникальное торговое предложение для конкретной целевой аудитории, и используйте разные каналы для привлечения каждой.

Стандартные характеристики, по которым можно сегментировать клиентов:

  •  demographic (gender, age, marital status);
  •  social (education, specialty, source and level of income);
  •  geographical (country, locality);
  •  psychological (values, life position, lifestyle, interests).

Think over a promo period

Decide in advance how long promos will last in your website. Usually, Black Friday lasts for 3 days but you can adjust the terms yourself up to a week. It all depends on how many products you plan to sell. Remember your goals!

Define a discount system

Ни при каких обстоятельствах не устраивайте распродажу всех групп товаров. Так Вы рискуете остаться без прибыли вообще. Устанавливайте скидки на высокоприбыльные товары с наценкой выше средней. Их стоимость можно снизить и при этом все равно остаться в плюсе.

Also in order to create discounts that are beneficial for you, pay attention to your competitors. In order not to spend hours flipping through hundreds of web pages, use the Z-PRICE automatic price monitoring program. With its help you just in a few clicks determine the situation in the market and can make a decision regarding your pricing policy.

Important: there is no need to deceive customers as many stores do. To artificially inflate and then sharply bring down prices is a bad tone. At the same time the real discount will be no more than 5-10%. In addition, this will affect the reputation of the website because regular customers know your prices.

Purchase products in advance

Свяжитесь заранее с поставщиками и закупите товар, ведь Ваши конкуренты тоже наверняка готовятся в черной пятнице. Советуем заказывать именно ту продукцию, на которую больше всего делаете ставку.

Prepare your website for high traffic and sales

To have a good black Friday it’s important to prepare your site for the influx of visitors. The following recommendations will help you:

  •  Remove all inaccessible pages and products that are out of stocks.
  •  Add large, vibrant banners with information about the mega sale in honor of Black Friday to the site, and display the most “promising” products on the main page.
  •  At the time of the promo change the design of the website, it should be alluring, attractive, festive, add animation and video. Use bright contrasting colors: yellow, red, green.
  •  Add the current mode of receiving orders. Due to the influx of buyers this may be the round-the-clock work of the sales department or an increase in the delivery time.
  •  Start the feedback block it can be a chat or a call. Also for the convenience of visitors display the FAQ section on the main page with the most common questions and answers to them.
  •  Optimize the mobile version of the resource. Most potential buyers will visit the site via smartphones and you should not lose this audience.
  •  Check the loading speed of each page, it should be as fast as possible, otherwise the visitor will simply leave the site without looking at the offer. A good option is to give the site to the programmer for audit, he will identify all errors and eliminate them.

Pay attention to your social networks.

Social networks are now mega-popular, for sure your potential customers are also “walking” there. Use the moment! Black Friday is a great way to attract attention, for this prepare your pages. Here are some suggestions:

  • Create a cool layout: your page should sell. It’s a good idea to place a bright banner with information about the upcoming sale on the cover.
  • Think of interesting and diverse content. Don't limit yourself to discount posts. It can be reviews,  polls, storytellings and useful articles for followers.
  • Работайте над увеличением охвата. Добиться этого можно платным способом, промотируя конкретные публикации или бесплатным - гостевые посты в тематический группах. Отлично работают конкурсы, в условиях которых нужно поделиться постом. Так Вы получаете практически бесплатно большой охват. Потратиться придется только на подарок победителю.

How is it without advertising?

You can’t do without advertising, everyone should know about your promotions and discounts! We advise you loosen the purse strings and immediately turn to specialists. They will help you to fine-tune advertising campaigns that will bring results. The main channels for attracting site visitors are:

  •  contextual advertising;
  •  advertising on social networks;
  •  emailing;
  •  advertising on third-party sites;
  •  advertising with popular bloggers;

And finally ... Do not postpone preparation for Black Friday 2019 for later, so you will have time to plan everything in detail and not to miss anything. We wish you to succeed!

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