Multifunctional Platform for Monitoring the Internet Market
Automated solution of challenging tasks:
- recommended prices control
- assortment tracking
- pricing
- competitor analysis
Our Advantages
We are a team of professionals who know their business! Invaluable experience and continuous research in the field of monitoring help us find solutions to the most difficult problems!
In practice, we know how to download reliable data from websites and marketplaces of various structures, and we are able to bypass protection of any complexity.
We have a multi-stream data update system, thanks to which we will provide you with the most accurate information at any time.
Use our wide range of analytical reports for manual analysis or integrate the required data into your back-end system via API access.
Convenient simple multi-interface with various charts, graphs and statistics will make your work enjoyable and save valuable time.
The client is above all for us! Therefore, our main guideline is your needs. We are always ready to implement new opportunities just for you!
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Just 3 Steps
Download the price list
Add the products you want to monitor to the Z-PRICE system
Determine the range of the market
Select specific stores or online space that you want to track
Analyze the results
See the whole picture of all changes in the market in a convenient functional account!
Feedback from our Clients
Селихова Елена
Аналитик отдела продаж Atlantic
Программа Z-PRICE - наш верный друг и помощник в отслеживании продукции Атлантик - Гейзер в интернет - магазинах и цен на нее. Своевременная и точная информация позволяет быстро выявить нарушения, отреагировать и не допустить глобальных проблем. Количество обрабатываемой информации, возможности Z-PRICE, соотношение цены - качества предоставляемых услуг - настоящая находка для любой компании!
Дзюба Денис
Региональный представитель по работе с интернет-магазинами Ravak
Спасибо за качественную работу сервису Z-PRICE! Благодаря службе сервиса мы добились точного, а самое главное, актуального мониторинга цен на продукцию нашей компании в интернет-магазинах и online-площадках Украины. Собранные данные предоставляются в удобных и информативных отчетах. Автоматическая система делает рассылки о нарушениях ценообразования интернет-магазинам, по запросу или в удобное для нас время. Спасибо Вам за качественный сервис и продуктивную работу!
Кармазин Валерий
Директор по продажам Vitek
Учитывая, что рынок сейчас требует единую ценовую политику во всех каналах сбыта, наши инвестиции в этот проект оправдались! С помощью возможностей и своевременных отчетов от Z-PRICE, удалось выстроить качественную ценовую дистрибьюцию по нашим товарам, а если кто из клиентов нарушает, получается оперативно реагировать. Полученная информация позволяет значительно экономить время при получении и обработке информации с интернет-рынка. Команда Z-PRICE профессионально работает с потребителями своих услуг, оперативно реагируя на все поставленные вопросы.
Яна Мокровец
Руководитель отдела ИМ Kiddisvit
Пользуемся услугами провайдера Z-Price с 2014 года. Команда постоянно совершенствует услуги, улучшает сервис предоставления услуг. Всегда оперативно дают обратную связь на запросы. Если есть неточности мониторинга, партнеры всегда оперативно берут в работу запросы. Быстро решают вопросы. Есть подход к каждому партнеру, лояльность, гибкость.
How often are data from sites updated? Is the information always up to date?
The data collection process in the Z-PRICE system is continuous - site by site, item by item. As soon as the current scan for each online store is completed, a new one immediately starts. Websites are fully updated every 2-3 hours, depending on their structure.
Is the history of price changes from sites saved?
Yes, all changes in prices and availability of your products on the sites are stored in the Z-PRICE database for 1 year. Moreover, in our functionality, there are many analytical charts, graphs, and reports so you can use this information as efficiently as possible.
How is the search and comparison of products on the sites carried out?
Yes, all changes in prices and availability of your products on the sites are stored in the Z-PRICE database for 1 year. Moreover, in our functionality there are many analytical charts, graphs and reports with which you can use this information as efficiently as possible.
If I have any questions, where can I turn?
At any time you can write your question to our support service, which works 24/7. For this, we have specially developed an internal ticket system that works through our service or Telegram messenger. Your request will be directed to the correct department and resolved as quickly as possible. Also, if necessary, you can leave a request for a callback.
Is it possible to develop an individual report for me?
Yes, of course, it is possible! Note that the Z-PRICE functionality contains more than 10 ready-made reports of different directions, which satisfy the needs of 99% of our clients. But if necessary, we are always ready to perform personal modifications for the client after agreement.
Do you pass information through the API?
Yes, sure. Using our API, you can integrate Z-PRICE monitoring data into any system and receive it with the desired frequency. You can also automatically send us data about your products and prices, which will significantly speed up the processing of new items.
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Convenient visualization of tracked online stores
Online Price Monitoring from Z-PRICE
We, the IT company Z-PRICE, in 2011 were one of the first on the market to come up with the idea of ​​creating a global service for automatic collection and analysis of prices for online stores. While developing our product, we tried to solve the main issues facing vendors and retailers:
      - How to monitor prices without a manual routine?
      - How to set up automatic data analysis?
      - How to track the availability of goods on the shelves of online stores?
      - How to compare the prices of competitors?
      - How to protect the brand online?
      - How to control the RRP?
      - What tools can be used to combat dumping?
      - What should a ready-made price comparison service include?
      - What is the best price monitoring software?

In the process of development of our company, we have created a system that continuously collects data from websites 24/7, which allows us to receive up-to-date information on prices, availability, and other indicators of goods in real-time.

During the improvement of our product, we have always been customer oriented, so at a certain stage we realized that for the maximum return of the functionality and convenience of the interface, our system requires separation into two areas:
      - a tool for the competitive analysis of online stores;
      - a platform for controlling the pricing policy of brands and suppliers.

✔ We have created ready-made solutions that will provide your business with complete control of the online market and provide the following information:
      - always up-to-date prices;
      - the current assortment on the shelves of online stores;
      - current promotions, discounts, bonuses, credits, delivery terms, and other things;
      - the history of changes in the above data for 1 year.

✔ We have implemented multifunctional web dashboards that convert all collected data into ready-made analytics.
All collected information is analyzed and displayed in the web interface in the form of analytical tables, charts, and graphs. Based on this information, the client can generate more than 15 ready-made reports, create an individual report or set up automatic sending of any of them to Email. All these tools provide a clear understanding of the market situation!

✔ We have developed additional anti-dumping tools that will automatically do the routine manual work for you:
      - automatic mailing about violations of the RRP according to the schedule;
      - SMART-mailing about violations of the RRP in real-time;
      - systemic calls to the offending stores.

So, the integrated use of Z-PRICE for your business will ensure the achievement of the main goals - the ability to keep abreast of all changes in the Internet market, protect your reputation, remain competitive, and, as a result, get the maximum profit. Z-PRICE simplifies and streamlines multi-channel analysis of retail data, solves tracking and price analysis challenges, and saves your time and effort globally. Try a demo version of your direction and experience the benefits of our service in practice!